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Super Passionate About Helping Others

Camp Berry was created to be utilized as the hands and feet of our savior Jesus Christ by serving the community comprehensively. By design Camp Berry functions as an outlet, where people can plug-in to receive hope, encouragement, strength, and guidance.

Camp Berry is  the ultimate hub of assistance for anyone that desires help in their life

and focuses in three service areas; life improvement, young-men mentorship, and couples guidance. Camp Berry operates without limitations and focuses to serve in a multifaceted dynamic. Camp Berry was founded by Terence Berry during his adolescence and has fundamentally grown into fruition by the grace of God.  

Terence Berry is an experienced hope giver who has a gift and genuine passion to love people.  He has mastered the craft to "pass - i - on" so that others can find themselves.  Terence values the art of listening and offering speech at the benefit of lives being enriched. 

Terence has had the privilege to work with a large and heterogeneous collection of individuals for over a decade.  He serves diligently within his organically shaped ministry and partners with local ministries to reach people in their time of need. By humbly remaining committed in his professional and personal spaces, Terence has exercised polished leadership skills when assisting others to navigate life. 

Terence is established, equipped, and enthusiastic about helping you gain practical life tools to expand your vital real estate.  It is absolutely critical that we purposefully assess the pivotal points within our lives. His ability to study the landscape of your situation and leverage your challenges to create your best life is extraordinary. Being competent in the areas of leadership, mentorship, and relationship; Terence is honored to collaborate with the champion inside of you. Terence is eager to assist you in reaching your best life!

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